• Stephanie Lane

Suffering through grief or depression? Let us help you!

If you or someone you love is suffering from grief or depression a relaxing, healing massage can help. I offer a heartfelt connection to each person that comes in to release repressed emotions, muscle unwinding and overall support in a loving, healing space while I am a massage therapist, I have a gift and I want to extend this gift to you. I do offer gift certificates, I offer weekend, evening, and early morning appointments. This type of work is a massage coupled with soul healing from a quantum level. We offer many modalities to assist you in your healing and massage is just the beginning, Ron offers Reiki Teaching and distance Healing along with past life regression therapy and hypnosis which helps to release blocks that you may not otherwise be able to in a conscious state. Through touch I am able to connect to your heart Energy and relax the physical while being present in the spiritual and mental level every step of the way. I have the unique ability to connect with loved ones from the other realm and carry their love to you through messages or images that come to me during a healing session. We offer healthcare at an affordable rate 60 min sessions $40 90min sessions $60 120 min sessions $85 I ask that when booking please allow an extra 30 to 45 mins to the appointment, we can't always determine the amount of time needed and sometimes a longer session may be needed and we accommodate you. As this is a healing center some services are gifted such as an extra 30 mins or an Energy Healing. We carry sage bundles, shells, incense and incense burners, handcrafted window angels and flowers. Give us a call 828 829-6797